Press Clipping
DJs as Curators in this Streaming Era

Stephen White shared his journey from Madison, WI, to various ventures combining music, communities, DJing, and tech, which led him to Gracenote and now Dubset and MixBANK. He shared his observations on early streaming and in shifting from one type of B2B model to another. He discussed international trends, the role of curation by DJs, and the hard challenges that Dubset had to overcome to get to this spot.

Guest: Stephen White, CEO, Dubset

Stephen is the CEO and Chairman for Dubset Media Holdings, and joined Dubset as CEO in February 2015. Prior to joining Dubset, he as CEO and President at Gracenote from 2012-2014. White held numerous roles for the company across 14 years and played a critical role in growing the company from a small start-up, focusing on music technologies and information, into a digital entertainment leader that now touches millions of music and movie fans around the globe. In his role as president, White oversaw all company strategy and operations, and was responsible for growing Gracenote’s core business. Before joining Gracenote, he was VP of development for streaming music start-up, which was one of the first companies to combine group content streaming and community features. Prior to, he was a senior director and executive producer for CKS, a media consultancy based in Silicon Valley where he lead teams in the creation of web properties such as the Apple online store and He began his career as a reporter and writer.