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Beatport and Dubset cooperate: MixBank is connected

Beatport and Dubset have just announced that they will be able to access the MixBank platform in the Beatport store for distribution of selected edits and remixes, which will be curated on top of that.

Here's the original statement by Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels

Dubset's MixBANK and we are excited to open this Unique Channel for Exposure and Distribution on Beatport. "

Since the beginning of the club scene promos, whitelabels and unofficial remixes, which, when DJ was not sampled, also like to have been offered under the counter, are components of the DJ sets.

The cooperation of Dubset with well-known streaming services as well as manufacturers of DJ hardware and software can now create a legal way for DJs and producers to transparently distribute and monetize these tracks.

Beatport, who have just launched their new streaming platform Beatport-Link and also announced the digital Locker system for offline storage of tracks and Beatport Cloud ( we reported ), are of course here in front.

Only last week we also received the message that Pioneer DJs mix recording software DJM-Rec now also supports MixBank, so you can clear the rights for his mixes before uploading.

It seems that Dubset is increasingly becoming the platform of choice when it comes to transparency in copyrights and exploitation for DJ mixes and unofficial edits ...