Press Clipping
DJM-REC can now work with Dubset

Recording with the iPhone. No question, this is pretty handy if you want to upload your DJ mixes and remixes directly to digital platforms like Mixcloud, SoundCloud or Dubset. Pioneers DJM-Rec has taken on this matter and also allows one to live broadcast to the Web, so real-time streaming on YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat.

In order to make the whole thing transparent in terms of copyrights and exploitation, you can now use DJM-Rec and Dubspot to automatically check the copyrights and have them clarified before the mix / remix is ​​uploaded, for example, to Spotify or Apple Music. Consequently, if someone plays the track on one of the participating streaming services, the participating labels, artists and publishers will receive their compensation.

It uses two different processes: Dubset's MixBANK platform, a rights management database that manages licenses and royalties for labels and publishers, and their MixSCAN technology that analyzes and identifies DJ mixes or remixes.

Pioneer is busy: just recently they 've updated their rekordbox dj , which now transmits your music library's data to Pioneer DJ to enable faster, cloud-based analysis in the future. Then came the new WeDJ app with controller and Beatport link connection and now tried to enable DJM-Rec via Dubset a transparent distribution and monetization of tracks. I'm curious what will follow next - the flagship players and mixers would actually be synonymous, right?

If you want to use the dubset upload feature, you must install the latest DJM-REC version. You can get it for € 10.99 in the App Store . Further information at Pioneer DJ.